The Dad Who Knows Nothing
The Dad Who Knows Nothing
The Ultraman's Guide to Health & Wellness

You will enjoy this episode, I guarantee it. It is a story of health and wellness from a true expert in the field, but it is also a story of survival and defying the odds from a horrific accident that happened to this Ultraman.

I had the honor of speaking with Scott McDermott, Personal Trainer, Coach, Ultra Endurance Athlete and Speaker who loves to inspire and coach people to reach their full potential in spite of massive obstacles.

He has been in the health and nutrition space for over 20 years so we had lots to talk about regarding that important topic, but the last part of the interview is worth the wait as Scott details his horrific injury that he suffered while racing in the bike portion of the Ultraman World Championships in 2015. His story about perseverance during his 3 year recovery to not only live his life again, but to get back to the Ultraman World Championships, is truly inspiring.

His accident, road to recovery and his return to the Ultraman race is chronicled in an award-winning documentary on YouTube entitled “The Warrior Code” (

You can learn more about Scott, his story and the amazing work he does for his clients at his website: