The Dad Who Knows Nothing
The Dad Who Knows Nothing
The Power of Presence

“The Dad Who Knows Nothing” talks to Hadley Brown, a former prison guard, who has worked in numerous different facilities over his career. Hadley tells numerous stories about his career and how the importance of establishing a presence helped him to never be afraid while on the job, even during the most extreme circumstances.

Key Topics

0:00 – Introduction

1:16 – Hadley talks about the beginning of his career in the prison system.

6:45 – Hadley details what he did before he starting working in the prison system.

7:58 – Hadley speaks about his second job in the prison system at the Sheriffs department.

9:28 – Hadley tells us about his move into a psychiatric center that takes care of prison inmates.

14:19 – Hadley explains how his first day taught him a lot about how to deal with inmates at the psychiatric center.

17:31 – Hadley talks about his time at the Marcy Correctional Facility.

21:39 – Hadley details how he was taught to have presence on the job.

25:26 – Hadley tells stories about inmates working together to cause problematic situations.

29:12 – Hadley explains why he never felt like his life was in danger, even in hostage situations.

32:38 – Hadley talks about his general work schedule whilst in the prison system.

34:27 – Hadley details instances that might surprise people about the prison system.

43:45 – Hadley speaks about how his experiences in the prison system helped to steer a fourteen-year-old girl’s life in a positive way.

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