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The Dad Who Knows Nothing
Real Wealth through Real Estate

Welcome to the “Dad Who Knows Nothing” podcast! Host Dana Hilts sits down with real estate expert Rich Fettke to discuss the benefits of real estate investing and how it can lead to financial freedom. Rich shares his insights on the power of leverage and cash flow, the importance of hard assets, and how his company, Real Wealth, helps individuals invest in real estate and achieve financial freedom. He also shares his book, “The Wise Investor,” which delves into the benefits of real estate investing and the power of leverage. Rich emphasizes the importance of having a support system and seeking mentorship to achieve financial success.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

· From Melanoma to Financial Freedom: The Journey of Real Estate Investor Rich Fettke

· The Benefits and Strategies for Achieving Financial Freedom

· Real Wealth: The Importance of Real Estate Investing and Building Financial Freedom

· The Power of Mentorship and Teamwork in Real Estate Investing

· And so much more!

About Rich Fettke:

Rich Fettke, the author of the book “The Wise Investor,” is about creating financial freedom and living your best life. He is a licensed real estate broker, active investor, and co-founder of Real Wealth, a real estate investment group that helps its 60,000-plus members improve their financial intelligence, secure passive income, and obtain financial freedom. Rich shares his journey of how he got into real estate investing after he was diagnosed with melanoma, which led him and his wife to seek out mentors and learn about real estate investing. They started buying properties and eventually formed a group of friends and family to support each other and help each other find deals. Over time, the group grew, and they started a radio show and podcast to share their knowledge and help others achieve financial freedom.

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