The Dad Who Knows Nothing
The Dad Who Knows Nothing
How to Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Welcome to the ‘Dad Who Knows Nothing’ podcast! Join Dana Hilts and his guest Lance Belline as they discuss strategies to help self-employed individuals and families keep more money in their pockets. Lance explains the three “buckets” of investments used to accumulate wealth and receive income during retirement. He also discusses how to use job descriptions to put your child on the payroll and the benefits of putting money into a 529 plan for their college education. Lastly, he talks about the potential tax changes in the upcoming years and his book, “More Wealth, Less Taxes.”

Tune in to learn how to make the most of your hard-earned money!

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Dana’s experience with the Financial Planning Board.
  • How to take advantage of the tax code to benefit the little guy.
  • How to use a Roth 401(k) vs. a pre-tax 401(K).
  • How do you know if you’re saving enough to pay fewer taxes?
  • Asset location is the key to lowering your taxes in your retirement years.
  • And so much more!
  • About Lance:

Lance Belline is a Certified Financial Planner and CEO of Lighthouse Financial, an advisory firm in Rogers, Arkansas. Lance communicates in plain-spoken English with warmth and familiarity. He makes the complex understandable, using before-and-after stories to demonstrate his wisdom. He’s motivated by a desire to see others around him thrive financially. He teaches them to grow wealth, give generously, and maximize tax efficiency. When he’s not helping others navigate financial waters, you can find Lance skiing on the waters, swinging on the golf course, and spending time with his wife and three children.

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Book: “More Wealth, Less Taxes: Practical, Time-Tested Strategies to Keep More of What Your Earn and Build Tax Efficient Wealth for the Future”

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