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The Dad Who Knows Nothing
How to Find Networking Bliss

Welcome to the “Dad Who Knows Nothing” podcast! Join host Dana Hilts and guest, networking expert, Sara Alepin, to discuss the ins and outs of networking for individuals and businesses. Sara, the founder of District Bliss, a networking support group for entrepreneurs, shares her insights on how networking can lead to better problem-solving and opportunities, building relationships and support systems, and how face-to-face interaction and trust-building are crucial for success. She also talks about how networking helped her as a wedding photographer and how the pandemic has shifted networking to an online format. Additionally, Sara provides valuable tips on how to exit a conversation gracefully and move on to meet other people. Finally, she offers a sneak peek into her podcast about wedding photography, where she shares her experiences and tips to avoid wedding disasters.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

· Networking in the Digital Age: A conversation with Sara Alepin, CEO of District Bliss and Wedding Photographer

· The Importance of Face-to-Face Interaction and Human Relationships in Business

· Networking Strategies for Building Connections and Elevating Your Busines

· Networking Strategies for Building Strong Connections and Gracefully Exiting Conversations

· And so much more!

About Sara Alepin:

Sara Alepin is a multifaceted entrepreneur and creative leader in the photography and event planning industry. She is the CEO of two companies: Photos from the Harty, a team of wedding, event, and lifestyle photographers, and District Bliss, a community for business owners looking to expand their networks, build their businesses and connect with like-minded individuals. Through networking events and workshops, District Bliss provides valuable resources and support for individuals looking to grow and succeed. Additionally, Sara hosts a podcast, “The Wedding Dish,” which offers insight and advice on all aspects of weddings, love, and entrepreneurship by featuring conversations with real engaged, married couples and wedding professionals.

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