The Dad Who Knows Nothing
The Dad Who Knows Nothing
Financial Sustainability

This week I had the privilege of speaking with Myles Wakeham, as we discuss achieving financial independence and sustainability. Myles shares a typical set of steadfast perspectives on life and how to overcome terrible points. The goal of the financial aspect is to reach the point where income surpasses expenses to become financially sustainable. But you need to start down that road to arrive. So, Myles’s advice is to go out there and give it a shot.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

• Growing up in a “free-range” lifestyle.

• Borders are not natural. They’re artificial.

• What are the opportunities that you can start building?

• Life is a struggle. Some cultures are better at dealing with effort than we are.

• The difference between investing and speculating

• And so much more!

About Myles: is the story of Myles Wakeham, a contrarian, an immigrant, and someone who questioned the social mantra from childhood. His stories, his discoveries, and results are fascinating. Myles has no job, is financially independent, lives in multiple countries, and pursues opportunities, projects, and passion throughout the globe. If you want to learn how contrarians think and live like this, read Myles’ Philosophy, listen to Myles’ podcast and read his articles, and learn how to become genuinely unconstrained.

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