The Dad Who Knows Nothing
The Dad Who Knows Nothing
DIY Education for Kids (AKA Homeschooling)

Welcome to the ‘Dad Who Knows Nothing’ podcast! Join Dana Hilts and his guest, Linsey Knerl, as they explore the fascinating world of DIY Education for Kids (AKA Homeschooling). In this episode, Linsey will lift the veil on the myths and realities of homeschooling, as well as provide essential tips and resources to make it successful. Tune in to hear them discuss topics such as selecting the right curriculum, striking a balance between screen time and physical activities, providing socialization opportunities, budgeting, and more. They will also share free or low-cost resources such as Khan Academy and dual enrollment classes, as well as suggest that parents read to their children until they are 13 years old to bond and provide them with a great literature background. Don’t miss out – join us now!

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • The myth is that homeschooling keeps your child from going to college.
  • There are plenty of low-cost and free resources for even parents who don’t want to teach chemistry.
  • How do we make sure our homeschooled children get enough socialization and make friends?
  • Special considerations for girls vs boys in homeschooling.
  • Reading to your kids at night is a great hack.
  • And so much more!

About Linsey:

Linsey Knerl is an Author, of HOMESCHOOL HACKS (Simon & Schuster) Freelance writer for martech, AI, ML, data analytics, edtech, fintech, and 3D. She is a content writer, author, & speaker based in Nebraska. Since 2006, She has been creating compelling, educational, and inspiring stories for the web and print. In addition, her digital marketing experience ensures content is relevant and audience-ready. What matters to her clients (and their customers) matters to her. Therefore, she writes for targeted audiences with even the most nuanced communication needs.

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