The Dad Who Knows Nothing
The Dad Who Knows Nothing
Digital Strategy & Literacy

What is the first thing you should do if you are starting a business? How do you protect yourself and others from the “dark side” of social media?
Matt Bailey, Digital Marketing Expert, talks about how most people do not understand how to use search analytics. He offers some guidance on good digital strategies. He also discusses the nature of social media and why it is critical to have something that you own to take control of your digital marketing. Finally, he talks about educating ourselves and others about social media. 

Matt studied Journalism in college.
After his degree he started as a sports reporter and after a short time realized he did not want to work in journalism.
He then pivoted to real estate where he began building websites.
Matt discovered that his journalism background helped him with layouts, headlines, titles, and other web-based marketing strategies.
He learned early how to get search rankings and also learned analytics.
If Matt was starting a business today the first thing, he would do is join a networking group, integrate into that community, and start building a database of prospects and contacts.
He would quickly get a basic web page up saying what eh does. Nothing too fancy.
Next, he would be sure that his business listings were available on Google, Bing, etc. so that he could be found.
When it comes to social media growth, start by building something that is yours and that you have complete control of.
Most people do not understand how to use Google analytics. You need to have specific business questions to answer for analytics to be helpful.
Once you understand how to read the data you can begin to analyze why some content isn’t doing as well and adjust.
When it comes to influencers you should be looking for the person with an audience that fits your needs and not just the largest audience.
Matt’s book, Teach New Dogs Old Tricks, helps people understand how the basics of sales can help lay a foundation for digital strategies.
Begin with the attitude that everything in social media is fake.
Social media companies are not audited by third parties and frequently make claims about data and the user base that is sketchy.
It is important to educate kids about the nature of social media and how it can negatively impact their views of the world.
Most children do not know how to navigate the social media and online news world. Many adults have a child-like understanding as well.
Matt’s site has training to learn digital marketing.

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