The Dad Who Knows Nothing
The Dad Who Knows Nothing
"Cracking the Life Code"

The brain is the most powerful computer on the planet and like computers, it has been hardwired with different ‘codes’ that can sometimes be traced all the way back to childhood. Understanding these codes and how to crack the code allows you to achieve more.

On this week’s episode, I speak with Babs Faseesin, who believes that ideas are powerful and are far more connected than they sometimes appear on the surface. Through his professional experience as a strategy consultant, and extensive involvement in the community, he has seen the tremendous value of diverse perspectives. He has a long history of creative and community work. He is committed to personal growth and development. He is the founder of cracking the life code (a self-help platform that helps individuals gain total life mastery). He is the convener of Inspire Africa Tour. As an entrepreneur and strategy consultant, Babs has helped over 12,000 entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Babs is passionate about education, health and wellness, investing in human capital, affecting meaningful and lasting change, personal growth.

Learn more about Babs through his website: