The Dad Who Knows Nothing
The Dad Who Knows Nothing
Bringing Meditation to Life

Most of us have heard about and possibly experienced the benefits of meditation. And some of us do some type of breathing, mindfulness or other similar activity to meditation because we all know that there are benefits. But sometimes we put to much pressure on ourselves and think about how much more we should do it and then we don’t.

I spoke with Neil McKinlay, who is all about making meditation a part of your normal life, even if it is one minute per day. He has spent more than twenty-five years immersed in the practice of meditation. This span includes leading events of 100+ people both in-person and online. Through this time, he has also been a parent and partner, a teacher, author and competitive swim coach. He learned through all this the importance of linking practice with the stuff of everyday life.

It was a great discussion and really helped me to see how even practicing mindfulness or being present for even a very short period of time creates benefits that help you in all areas of life.